Strong Students Make Strong Futures

Give kids the resources they need to do well in school

Help underprivileged kids have happier holidays while teaching them that police officers are their allies.

Reward officers' children who prove their dedication to academic excellence.

By providing underserved kids with access to sports, you can help motivate them academically.

Safer Communities Start Here

Introducing kids to law enforcement in a positive environment

Bossier Police Local 645 Outreach Foundation is a local police union providing scholarships, donating school supplies and creating outreach programs. Our goal is to give underprivileged children advantages at home and in school. Your donations help us teach children in the Bossier City, LA area that law enforcement exists to protect them, their families and the community.

You can help children in your city live better lives. To donate or learn more about our outreach programs, call 318-741-8634 now

Support police outreach programs in your area

Too many children grow up confused about the role police play in their lives. Bossier Police Local 645 Outreach Foundation's mission is to teach kids that they can trust local law enforcement to help and protect them.

Through our donation program and annual Shop With a Cop event, we can...

Help students of all income levels do well in school
Reward academic achievement with scholarships
Show kids that police are dependable defenders

Donate to our nonprofit organization today to help improve the bond between law enforcement and the next generation.


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